Castrol Valvemaster Plus Octane Booster -
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Classic Valvemaster™ and Valvemaster™ Plus.

Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus lead replacement and ethanol stabiliser additives - the best protection for your classic or vintage car when using unleaded fuel. Protecting your engine against valve seat recession and corrosion, and keeping your fuel system clean, Valvemaster is The Best Protection. Castrol ValveMaster Plus es el principal aditivo de combustible para su uso con combustible sin plomo. Valvemaster Plus actua igual que Valvemaster, pero adicionalmente proporciona un aumento de dos octanos mas al combustible sin plomo. Protege contra el desgaste del asiento de válvula y contra los depósitos en las mismas. El recipiente.

Castrol’s technical team chose Valvemaster a phosphorus formulation, offering the best protection after lead. The addition of an Octane Boost to Valvemaster Plus makes it the most effective and cost effective solution for use in classic performance vehicles benefiting from higher octane fuel. Does Valvemaster™ Plus boost acceleration? Valvemaster Plus contains a friction modifier Octimise-Plus within its formula, providing instantaneous acceleration by up to 3%. How much Valvemaster™ do I need to use? Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus are very economical and easy to use. One 250ml bottle will treat 250 litres of petrol.

Castrol Valvemaster Plus is a lead replacement petrol additive which offers the best protection when using unleaded petrol. Castrol Valvemaster Plus not only protects your vehicle from valve seat recession VSR but also provides an octane boost to reduce knocking or "pinking" in an unleaded world. Application.</plaintext> Endorsed by the FBHVC, Valvemaster Plus with a unique phosphorus formulation was shown to offer the highest level of protection of all products tested. Valvemaster Plus can be used with 95, 97, 98, 99 or higher octane rated petrol containing E5 or E10 ethanol..</p> <p>Castrol Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus Incorporating phosphorus. Castrol’s Valvemaster is claimed to protect engines under all driving conditions, to help keep the fuel system clean and to provide excellent corrosion protection. In addition, Valvemaster Plus incorporates an octane booster for engines running with relatively high compression. Buy online from Opie Oils for delivery to your home, workplace or mechanic. Free, expert advice about Classic Valvemaster PLUS 3-in-1 Lead Replacement Additive available. Classic valve master plus, classic plus, valve maintenance, fuel treatment, petrol treatment, tank treatment. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Castrol Valvemaster Plus - Lead Replacement Petrol Additive Octane Boost 2x250ml at the. Where to buy Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus. Valvemaster stockists list for UK and international, where you can buy Valvemaster from, and how to get in touch with us if you are having difficulties locating a Valvemaster stockist.</p> <p>Hi all, since the demise of lead replacement petrol, used the above, See its not now branded as Castrol, but classic valvemasterplus, my question is does it have a shelf life? I have a number of unopened bottles I have had for some time, perhaps years, its too expensive to chuck, if it still. Castrol Valvemaster giver i standard-udgaven en meget fin erstatning for blyet, og i PLUS udgaven desuden er en oktanbooster: Tilsat grøn 95 benzin, får man lige under 98 oktan og tilsat 98 oktan kommer man op over 99 oktan. Men virker det ? - det kan man med rette spørge.</p> <p>Provides an octane boost from 95 to 97 RON to unleaded fuel, reducing pinking and knocking. Castrol Valvemaster Plus is suitable for pre-1992 vehicles which possess soft value seats requiring protection against valve seat recession and which require an additional octane boost in order to be able to run on 95 RON unleaded petrol. Classic ValveMaster Plus lead replacement additive with Octane Boost. Lead replacement fuel additive for use with lead-free fuel. Protects engine against valve seat recession under all driving conditions. Keeps fuel system clean and protects against corrosion. ValveMaster Plus provides an octane boost to unleaded petrol reducing pinking.</p> <p>Lead replacement fuel additive for use with lead-free fuel. Protects engine against valve seat recession under all driving conditions. Keeps fuel system clean and protects against corrosion. One mililitre treats one litre of fuel - one bottle treats 250 litres of fuel. Encuentra grandes ofertas de castrol valvemaster, comprando en eBay. Castrol Valvemaster Plus aditivo para combustible. 27,91 EUR 17,44 EUR envío; 17 Vendidos. Castrol Valvemaster plomo Reemplazo Gasolina Aditivo & Octane Boost DA6267. 23,83 EUR 11,55 EUR envío; 56 Vendidos.</p> <p>Castrol Valvemaster also keeps the fuel system clean and provides excellent corrosion protection in all driving conditions. Castrol Valvemaster Plus provides an octane boost to unleaded fuel, reducing pinking, knocking or the need to retune. 1 millilitre treats 1 litre of fuelOCTANE BOOSTER. Lead replacement fuel additive for use with lead-free fuel. Protects engine against valve seat recession under all driving conditions. Keep fuel system clean and protects against corrosion. Castrol Valvemaster plus provides an octane boost to unleaded fuel, reducing pinking, knocking or the need to retune. One mililitre treats one litre of fuel. 17/01/2009 · This Castrol Valvemaster plus is a lead replacement petrol additive that provides the ultimate protection against valve seat recession. Protecting your engine under all driving conditions, it reduces knocking and the need to retune by providing an octane boost to unleaded fuel whilst keeping your fuel system clean.</p> <p>A 250ml bottle treats 250 litres. Includes an octane booster to raise the octane rating from 95 ron to 98 ron. The Valvemaster Plus also contains an octane booster to boost the octane level of unleaded petrol up to the desired 97 level for correct running of our cars. Should you not wish to use the octane booster then we would advise you to either alter the engine timing to account for the lower octane rating of unleaded petrol or use the more expensive super-unleaded. Lead Replacement Additives. Classic Valvemaster, formerly branded Castrol Valvemaster, is the most effective and cost-effective lead replacement additive available for the protection of early vehicles designed to run on leaded fuel. Castrol Valvemaster Plus lead replacement fuel additive with Optimise Plus friction modifier. The best protection after lead against valve seat recession, Valvemaster's unique phosphorus formula protects your engine under all conditions. Highly tuned competition engines tend to run at a higher compression ratio, sometimes with a slightly advanced timing system. In order to prevent “knock”, a higher octane rating is required and this can be achieved by using octane boosters which can raise the octane rating by up to 10 RON depending on the product and the mixture.</p> <p>Encuentra castrol valvemaster en venta entre una amplia seleccion de Otros en eBay. Castrol Valvemaster Plus est un additif pour carburant de substitution au plomb, qui permet la protection contre l'enfoncement des sièges de soupapes lors de l'utilisation d'un carburant sans plomb, et apporte également un booster d'octane pour réduire les phénomènes de cliquetis. 27/06/2013 · At least with Castrol Valvemaster Plus it goes further than the Morris stuff, and one can fill up with any old 95RON stuff if one owns a car that needs Super Plus I do - and, as another poster has said, it turns the plugs a nice "orangey sand" colour.</p> <p>Buy Castrol Valvemaster Plus and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items. Skip to main content. Make offer - Octane Booster Improves Combustion Protects Exhaust Valve MPM Spark Plug Protect. Petrol System Cleaner Cleans Fuel System Injectors Valves Carburetors MPM 250 ml. 25/07/2012 · I use super unleaded plus Castrol ValveMaster. I don't know what the eventual total octane rating is but the with standard timing my engine runs much better than it does on the regular 95 RON stuff. I only clock up maybe a couple of thousand miles a year, so I can't vouch for the Castrol VM helping to avoid valve seat recession. Either of Castrol's products are designed to replacement the lead element missing in unleaded petrol. The Valvemaster Plus also contains an octane booster to boost the octane level of unleaded petrol up to the desired 98 level equivilent of the old 4 star for correct running of classic cars. Encuentra castrol valvemaster en venta entre una amplia seleccion de Aditivos de combustible en eBay. Activa JavaScript Nuestra nueva experiencia de búsqueda requiere que JavaScript esté activado. Find great deals on eBay for castrol valvemaster and castrol valvemaster plus. 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